The gum-graft tool is used for patching binaries ahead of time to allow Interceptor to instrument them in environments where runtime code modifications are prohibited. For now this only means Apple mobile OSes when strict code-signing policies are at play – i.e. on jailed systems when running an app without a debugger having been attached. In such cases, override the Gadget code_signing option and set it to required.

You can download gum-graft from the releases page.

  gum-graft [OPTION?] BINARY - graft instrumentation into Mach-O binaries

Help Options:
  -h, --help                       Show help options

Application Options:
  -i, --instrument=0x1234          Include instrumentation for a specific code offset
  -s, --ingest-function-starts     Include instrumentation for offsets retrieved from LC_FUNCTION_STARTS
  -m, --ingest-imports             Include instrumentation for imports
  -z, --transform-lazy-binds       Transform lazy binds into regular binds (experimental)