Example tool for directly monitoring a jvm.dll

Shows how to monitor a jvm.dll which is being executed by a process called fledge.exe (BB Simulator) using Frida.

Save this code as, run BB Simulator (fledge.exe), then run python.exe fledge.exe for monitoring AES usage of jvm.dll.

from __future__ import print_function
import frida
import sys

def on_message(message, data):
    print("[%s] => %s" % (message, data))

def main(target_process):
    session = frida.attach(target_process)

    script = session.create_script("""

    // Find base address of current imported jvm.dll by main process fledge.exe
    var baseAddr = Module.findBaseAddress('Jvm.dll');
    console.log('Jvm.dll baseAddr: ' + baseAddr);

    var SetAesDeCrypt0 = resolveAddress('0x1FF44870'); // Here we use the function address as seen in our disassembler

    Interceptor.attach(SetAesDeCrypt0, { // Intercept calls to our SetAesDecrypt function

        // When function is called, print out its parameters
        onEnter: function (args) {
            console.log('[+] Called SetAesDeCrypt0' + SetAesDeCrypt0);
            console.log('[+] Ctx: ' + args[0]);
            console.log('[+] Input: ' + args[1]); // Plaintext
            console.log('[+] Output: ' + args[2]); // This pointer will store the de/encrypted data
            console.log('[+] Len: ' + args[3]); // Length of data to en/decrypt
            dumpAddr('Input', args[1], args[3].toInt32());
            this.outptr = args[2]; // Store arg2 and arg3 in order to see when we leave the function
            this.outsize = args[3].toInt32();

        // When function is finished
        onLeave: function (retval) {
            dumpAddr('Output', this.outptr, this.outsize); // Print out data array, which will contain de/encrypted data as output
            console.log('[+] Returned from SetAesDeCrypt0: ' + retval);

    function dumpAddr(info, addr, size) {
        if (addr.isNull())

        console.log('Data dump ' + info + ' :');
        var buf = addr.readByteArray(size);

        // If you want color magic, set ansi to true
        console.log(hexdump(buf, { offset: 0, length: size, header: true, ansi: false }));

    function resolveAddress(addr) {
        var idaBase = ptr('0x1FEE0000'); // Enter the base address of jvm.dll as seen in your favorite disassembler (here IDA)
        var offset = ptr(addr).sub(idaBase); // Calculate offset in memory from base address in IDA database
        var result = baseAddr.add(offset); // Add current memory base address to offset of function to monitor
        console.log('[+] New addr=' + result); // Write location of function in memory to console
        return result;
    script.on('message', on_message)
    print("[!] Ctrl+D on UNIX, Ctrl+Z on Windows/cmd.exe to detach from instrumented program.\n\n")

if __name__ == '__main__':
    if len(sys.argv) != 2:
        print("Usage: %s <process name or PID>" % __file__)

        target_process = int(sys.argv[1])
    except ValueError:
        target_process = sys.argv[1]