Getting Started

The functionality that provides you the JavaScript API for injection, function manipulation, memory reading, and more is also available from C.

Frida is broken down into several modules, which we will discuss below.

These can each be compiled individually and are also available on the releases page.

The devkit downloads come with an example on how to use each module. Using the devkits is the best way to learn how to utilize each module.


frida-core contains the main injection code. From frida-core, you can inject into a process, create a thread running QuickJS, and run your JavaScript.

See the frida-core repository for the source.


frida-gum allows you to augment and replace functions using C.

The example in the devkit shows you how to augment open and close from C only.

See the frida-gum repository for the source.


frida-gumjs contains the JavaScript bindings.


Similar to frida-agent except to either DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES, bundle with an app, etc. and it can run either in a remote mode where it listens and looks just like frida-server.

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